Who Are We?

The purpose, goals, and mission of an organization is what attracts persons of common interests to come together. The founders of the Milpitas Historical Society came up with three sentences that identified why the Society exists and what role it should play in our community. As a reminder of what the Society stands for, here is Article II from our bylaws.

  • “To promote the preservation of the history and cultural heritage of the area now encompassed within the City of Milpitas and surrounding areas through the collection, preservation, and dissemination of such material to its citizens and all interested parties so as to better understand our community.”
  • “To encourage the preservation of buildings, sites, and trees deemed to be historically and architecturally significant to the City of Milpitas.”
  • “To provide representation in regard to the City of Milpitas’ history and culture by means of oral, pictorial, or other methods prescribed by the Board of Directors, in an effort to provide an accurate and authentic interpretation of the history of Milpitas.”

Slate of Officers and Directors for 2017

At the Milpitas Historical Society’s November meeting, the Nominating Committee will announce the following slate of candidates for Officers and Directors for 2017:

President: Mark Tiernan
Vice President: Catherine Pelizzari
Secretary: Linda Arbaugh
Treasurer: Joseph Ehardt
Archives: Kraig Bunnell
Historian: Joanne Souza
Hospitality: Marilyn Simpkins
Landmarks: Kraig Bunnell
Membership: Mary Ann Udoutch
Public Relations: Harriett McGuire
Publications: Catherine Pelizzari
Special Events: Harriett McGuire
Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Commission Liaison:
Steve Munzel.

The slate of candidates will be finalized by the Nominating Committee before the next meeting of the Board of Directors and this list will be distributed to the membership by email and US Mail before the November General Meeting.

The election will be held at the regular meeting of the Society on Wednesday, January 11, 2017.

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