Phase 5: The Final Phase of the Restoration of the Alviso Adobe

Alviso AdobeOn Thursday, August 25, the Alviso Adobe Building Construction Project Subcommittee of Milpitas’s Parks Recreation, and Cultural Resources Commission (PRCRC) met to gather input on how the City should develop the interior of the Adobe. Several suggestions about what should be added, removed, changed, or left alone were noted, and these ideas will be presented in September to a consultant who can orchestrate what changes will be made and how.

If you are interested in how the restoration of the interior of the Adobe will be managed, you can email Renee Lorentzen at (Changes in the email address were made to prevent spam) and she can let you know when and where the next meeting of this PRCRC subcommittee will take place so you can learn in what direction the process is moving.

September 2016