Shapell Trust Fund Settled

In 1990, Shapell Industries granted The Milpitas Historical Society $100,000 to be used to restore the Alviso Adobe. In 1992, the Society used some of the money to buy a tarp to put over the leaky roof of the adobe. In 2008, the Society used more of the money to put in a special drainage system that diverts rainwater away from the adobe.

The Alviso Adobe ca. 1910
The Alviso Adobe ca. 1910

In 2005, the president of the Society signed an agreement with the city to turn over all of the Shapell Trust fund to the city when the city presented invoices for any work on the Alviso Adobe to the Society – even if restoration was unfinished. Previous presidents had refused to sign the same agreement when it was offered to them. Although no vote was taken directing him to sign the agreement and no vote to ratify it was made afterward, the Society’s 2011 board of directors determined that we nevertheless should honor this commitment.

At the March 9, 2011 regular meeting, the membership voted unanimously to disburse to the city the rest of the Shapell Trust fund. The payment of $83,392.79 will be made in November when the CD that the funds are in matures.

April 3, 2011 by Steve Munzel, Historical Society President