Henry Strickroth Park

Know where Henry Strickroth Park is? It is on Jacklin Road, across the street from the Foothill Square shopping center, where the Nob Hill market is located.

This park was named after a Milpitas resident who was one of the original Minute Men who joined together to fight off San Jose’s attempt at annexation of Milpitas. Originally from Maryland, Henry Strickroth (1889-1982) was a retired UCSF college professor who settled in Milpitas in the 1950’s after the death of his wife, Elizabeth. He became an active and respected member of the community and was elected to the Milpitas School Board in 1952.

Along with Sal Cracolice, he brought about the Milpitas Youth Center, which later became the YMCA, and is now the Sal Cracolice Building. There’s a charming video of Henry Strickroth Park (made by our Archivist Steve Munzel) that you can watch below.