Working for a Milpitas History Museum–(new article)

Milpitas Community Museum

At the May 11 general meeting of the Milpitas Historical Society, President Mark Tiernan asked for a motion to donate $6,879.33 (money from the 2011 Great Mall fashion show fund-raiser and from the sale of the Ford Galaxy) that had been reserved for the
Milpitas Community Museum (MCM). The Board had previously voted to do so, but Mark felt that, ethically, he needed a vote from the membership as well.

Some members did not know enough, or indeed anything, about the MCM, so it was decided that moreinformation must be provided in order that an informed vote can be taken. So here is the background.

The Milpitas Community Museum (MCM) was incorporated in 2013 and is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. The mission of the Milpitas Community Museum is to encourage interest in and knowledge of our shared heritage among the citizens of Milpitas and to provide a place to educate students and the public through exhibiting collections of cultural resources.

This place would function as a resource center and museum where The Milpitas Historical Society could display and store items of historical value related to Milpitas.

The majority of the founding board members of MCM have been directors and officers of the Historical Society, including Mabel Mattos. At present, there are three MCM board members who are also Society board members: Steve Munzel, Mark Tiernan, and Harriett McGuire. Other MCM board members are active in the community in other areas, and all have deep roots and valuable knowledge that enable them to focus on working with the city and raising funds to achieve the goal of establishing a physical home for Milpitas History.

Proposed Site Would Be Excellent Location for
Museum and Park

Empty lot just north of the Milpitas LibraryOne location that would be an excellent site for a Milpitas Community Museum would be the empty lot just north of the Milpitas Library (pictured at left).

This parcel is caught up in the California redevelopment agency situation (the RDAs were disbanded by the Legislature, which also ordered assets to be put on the auction block to recapture money). The focus of the MCM board right now is applying as much political pressure as possible to get this land parcel released back to the City.

A separate organization, Protect Our Park, is also working specifically to have this parcel acquired for the purpose of establishing a city park and museum there.

It is hoped that at the June meeting, this information will enable members to understand (1) why the Society is donating funds that were advertised and raised specifically for the MCM, (2) that this is a good way to achieve the joint goals of the MCM and the Milpitas Historical Society, and (3) that it is time to proceed with an authorizing vote for this donation.

by tmhs June 2016