John Sinnott Elementary School

The John Sinnott Elementary School, at 2025 Yellowstone Ave., and the Sinnott Lane mentioned in this month’s article about the train station were both named after John Sinnott, a pioneer Milpitas settler, who was born in Ireland in 1800. He immigrated to Quebec, Canada in 1831, where he met and married his wife, Elizabeth
(Bolger), who was a sister of Mrs. Martin Murphy, of the well-known Murphy family, who crossed the plains in 1844, the first of the American settlers from the east to make it across the mountains to California.

John Sinnott
John Sinnott
In 1851, John Sinnott brought his wife and children west by way of sailing ships and trekking across the Isthmus of Panama (the Panama Canal was not built yet) and settled in Mountain View, renting a farm from his brother-in law, Martin Murphy. In 1856 he bought land in Milpitas, successfully farmed and raised stock, and became a prominent and contributory member of the community. He died in 1883, followed shortly thereafter by his wife.

John and Elizabeth Sinnott had three daughters, Catherine and Mary, who became nuns, and Ellen, who, with John’s two sons, Thomas and Patrick, lived and worked on the ranch and eventually inherited it; they were also highly respected members of the community. In 1887, Thomas married Ella Twohig, and they had seven children, two of whom died young, two became nuns, and the others became teachers.


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