Dixon Landing Road

Dixon Landing Road, and Dixon Road, its continuation east of Highway 880, were named for Matthew Dixon, who came west for the gold rush, and in 1861 bought 600 acres of land, on both sides of the Santa Clara/Alameda county line, for his farm. The area was then known as Harrisburg. He built his house on the eastern side of the then-Mission Highway, and made a road down to the waterfront, where he and his neighbor, Captain Valpey, built rough docks for flat-bottomed, two-masted scow schooners to load hay, and grain from the Milpitas and surrounding areas. The landing was next to the former Fremont Airport.

The last existing scow schooner, the Alma, is on display at the Maritime Museum in San Francisco. Built in 1891, the Alma was found rotting on the Alviso mud flats and rescued in 1959 and was restored in by the state park service.
April 3, 2011 by mhs