Serpa Drive

Serpa Drive, a small residential street a bit west of Evans Road, was named for the family of Frank Serpa, a pioneer Milpitas rancher, who was born in the US in January 1909, to Francisco Antonio Serpa and Maria Jesus Fereira; he was the seventh of eight children. Constantine Serpa was one of his brothers.

He came to Milpitas with his family in 1928, but later lived in Fallon, Nevada and elsewhere in Santa Clara County before returning the next year. Then he went back to the Azores in 1929 to work and there he met and married his wife Emilia in April 1929. They returned to the US in 1931, and lived in San Jose for four years. They bought a dairy in 1935 on Jacklin Road and sold it on November 1948. The dairy had 300 cows and employed six milkers, who worked first by hand and then with milking machines. Eventually they employed up to 11 workers. The dairy had two cabins for the working men. Most of the workers came from the Azores.

Their son Frank Jr. was born in 1937. He went to Milpitas school until 5th grade. Then the family moved to Warm Springs, right on the border of Alameda County in 1947 and Frank Jr. went to school in Warm Springs. They moved to a house closer to downtown Milpitas in 1968.