Traughber Street

As part of our observance of Veterans’ Day in November, we look toward our Milpitas Streets that are named for US Military Veterans. Traughber Street, a residential street that crosses North Park Victoria Drive south of Jacklin Road, was named for Navy Veteran Raymond Leeland Traughber.

Ray Traughber was born April 3, 1919 in Chamberlain, South Dakota. Known as “Cotton” to his family and close friends, his nickname was said to have come from the snow white hair he had as a child. While he was still quite young, his parents moved their eight children to Hillsboro, Oregon, where he grew up.

Raymond Traughber
Raymond Traughber

At 17, Ray joined the United States Navy. The navy took him many places around the world and he visited nearly every continent. During World War II, his ships were in both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters. He was on two ships that were
sunk in battle, and in one of those incidents he received a battlefield promotion to Warrant Officer. He also served in the Korean War.

In 1945, Ray married another Hillsboro, Oregon resident, Lorraine Shepherd. They were married in April, 1945, in San Francisco. They moved to many different locations during their marriage: California, New York, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Florida, and Hawaii. Their adopted daughter, Peggy, was born in 1942.

In 1959, after having served some 23 years, Ray retired from the navy, and the family moved to Milpitas, CA., where his wife Lorraine worked for many years at City Hall. Ray passed away in January, 1965, after a long illness.