The Milpitas Historical Society was formed in 1980 by 79 residents of Milpitas who felt that much of our city’s historic heritage was in danger of being lost. Soon after the society was formed, it began to publish a monthly newsletter for members called The Milpitas Muse. The name came from the muses  of Greek Mythology, one of whom, Clio, is usually associated with history. The Milpitas Muse is available with a paid membership to the society, but some of the information, such as our monthly programs, is available on this website.

Video: South Bay Yacht Club (SBYC)
Thursday, November 12

Please note the different day and place: Thursday, November 12, Community Room, Milpitas Police Station

Due to the fact that our usual meeting day, the second Wednesday of the month, this year falls on Veteran’s Day, and Milpitas’s municipal buildings are closed to commemorate that holiday, we need to meet on a different day– in this case, the next day.

And because of the extra space required by the Smithsonian Institution’s wonderful exhibit, Exploring Human Origins, which will be on display at the Milpitas Library from November 25 to December 13, we were unable to book another time at the library. By the way, don’t miss this fascinating exhibit about our earliest ancestors!

Therefore we are meeting this month on Thursday, November 12 at 7 pm, our regular time, at the Community Room of the Milpitas Police Station, 1275 N. Milpitas Blvd in Milpitas. This month’s program will feature a video about the historic South Bay Yacht Club (SBYC) in Alviso, narrated by Senior Staff Commodore Russ Robinson. Our own local filmmaker Bob Burrill filmed this talk a couple of years ago when Mr. Robinson was addressing a civic organization’s meeting at the Yacht Club.

Bob Burrill, author of the Images of America book about Milpitas, also co-authored the Images of America book about Alviso, and will give a give an introduction highlighting the relevant history of our next-door neighbor town of Alviso.

The South Bay Yacht Club was incorporated in 1896 with 35 members, and included quite a good a number of yachts and launches in its fleet; its members counted local landowners and celebrities among their ranks.

The historic South Bay Yacht Club building, shown in the photo to the right, dates from 1903, and has suffered its own share of adventures. Come hear and see the story of this historic club, its history, and its headquarters, which you can still visit in neighboring Alviso.
Our meetings are free and all are welcome. Hope you can join us!

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