The Milpitas Historical Society was formed in 1980 by 79 residents of Milpitas who felt that much of our city’s historic heritage was in danger of being lost. Soon after the society was formed, it began to publish a monthly newsletter for members called The Milpitas Muse. The name came from the muses  of Greek Mythology, one of whom, Clio, is usually associated with history. The Milpitas Muse is available with a paid membership to the society, but some of the information, such as our monthly programs, is available on this website.

Annual Summer Picnic in August: Cancelled

>We are very sorry to say that due to various members’ health issues and conflicting plans, the Milpitas Historical Society will not be able to have its annual summer picnic in August this year.

New Discoveries About California’s First People: September 9

And please don’t forget to come back again for our first fall meeting on Wednesday, September 9, at which archeologist Mark Hylkma will tell us of new discoveries about California’s First People that have been made in the Castroville area.

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