The Milpitas Historical Society was formed in 1980 by 79 residents of Milpitas who felt that much of our city’s historic heritage was in danger of being lost. Soon after the society was formed, it began to publish a monthly newsletter for members called The Milpitas Muse. The name came from the muses  of Greek Mythology, one of whom, Clio, is usually associated with history. The Milpitas Muse is available with a paid membership to the society, but some of the information, such as our monthly programs, is available on this website.

The goals of the society have not changed since 1980. Our members continue to seek out and record the history of Milpitas.For more information, please visit the About the Milpitas Historical Society page.

Gabriel Ibarra “Light Catcher” Architectural Historical Photographer

Gabriel Ibarra, photographer and Milpitas Historical Society Member, has 15 photographs of historical nature now hanging on the South Wing Wall of the Milpitas Library through Oct 31st.

Historic Patterson House: September 10, 2014

We hope you can join us for the upcoming Historical Society meeting on Wednesday, September 10, 2014, at 7 pm, at the Milpitas Library, for docent Christy Dentry’s presentation about the beautiful and historic Patterson House, located in Fremont’s Ardenwood Park.

Patterson House

Patterson House in Fremont, CA

The first part of Patterson House was built around 1857 by George Patterson, who after working on other farms, was able to purchase his own land and build a basic farm house on it. Then in 1889 George and Clara Patterson, after 12 years of marriage, added the grand Queen Anne addition, changing the direction of the front entrance and making it the beautiful classic structure that it is today. Ms. Dentry will give us the whole story of the family and how this beautiful transfor-mation took place. You can sign up for one of the wonderful Patterson
House Christmas tours at the meeting. Our meetings are free and all are welcome. Hope to see you there!